Hello everyone, my name is Taw Connors, I’m Canadian, and I’m also known as The Canadian Stompper. I was born in Timmins Ontario and my father is Stompin’ Tom Connors, and my mother is Florence Lachapelle. My parents separated by mutual agreement, due to their different paths when I was a young child back in Timmins Ontario. My father left Timmins to travel from town to town to sing and play songs about his country, our history, and all of our Canadian People. As the years went by, he would marry his partner in life, Lena Welsh in November of 1973. My father had 5 children, 3 girls and 2 boys. At this point in his life, his focus and his hard work towards his Canadian dream had become very real. He would continue following his dream, and working hard by writing and singing songs about the importance of all areas of Canada, and the importance of all Canadian People till the day he died in March of 2013. My mother and our family also traveled in various places throughout Ontario and some parts of Quebec. We were living in a small Town called Verner Ontario and while she was providing for us in 1973 she also met her partner in life, my step father Kenneth Wayne Gillam Wright Our family consisted of our parents, 5 girls and 3 boys for a total of 10 family members.

We as a large family struggled in the mid 70’s, because good paying jobs to provide for 10 people were very scarce. Our family was by no means perfect , but we were strong and stuck together through thick and thin and during all of our travels searching for a better life, my parents always found a way to some how provide for us all. Since I’ve been knee high to a grasshopper, due to our Life circumstances, I attended a total of 13 Schools. The path that I was given and traveled to this point in my life has given me so much life knowledge, and hopefully I continue to learn everyday from everyone, because I can be very stubborn as well. Throughout my life living in Greenstone as a husband and a father, I married my lovely wife and partner in life, Nathalie Gagnon, and we raised 2 very amazing beautiful daughters, Tiffany and Crystal. As a working man through time, while helping my wife support our family, I’ve worked many different jobs, from a flagman to construction, from a laborer to a railroader, from a Machine operator to a trucker and from a supervisor to a business owner. My wife and I have worked in our own business for 6 years from July 2010 to July 2016. We rented a building and built the business from a 2 year takeout pizza shop to a full family restaurant for the following 4 years. The job that I have always wanted to do, and the passion I’ve always had for trying to write great Canadian songs is pretty well the same as my father has done. Our first priority has always been to provide for our children, so my dream and passions had to sit on the back burner till the time was right.

Now there’s no two Stomppin’ Tom fella’s, nor will there ever be, but my wife and my children have been telling me, you have got to do this, you sound too much like your father and the Canadian people are going to want to hear your father’s great songs again and see the resemblance. I have also always been one of my father’s biggest fans and I deeply respect what he has done for our country and our people. My fathers legacy is very important to me and to many Canadians, but I’m a man that leads with his heart and I still needed an incentive or a sign of some kind to ensure this was the right move. It came in the early spring of 2016, when I was performing my father’: songs for the long care facility in Geraldton Ontario. I was supposed to play 4 or 5 songs for the facility, but ended up playing for almost 2 hours straight, because their toes were tapping and their hands were clapping, and everyone was enjoying the show including myself and my friend Melvin who also sang a few country western songs. The most amazing part for me was at the very end of the show with an Alzheimer Patient who was sitting in the front row. They say that the gateway to the long term memory for Alzheimer Patients is through music, now this fella had seen my father play back in the day, and so he worked his way to the front of the stage, with the help of his wife on one side and his daughter on the other side and he shook my hand vigorously with a big smile on his face and said thank you, This fella thought I was my father, and at that moment I felt goosebumps running down one arm and up the other. When this gentleman turned around and left, I thought to myself, if this is not the incentive I needed, I will never find it, and if my father’s songs and music can bring happiness for one Canadian, it can bring memories and happiness for many more Canadians. I ‘m now following my dream and my passion with the support of my wife and my daughters along with many other supportive Canadians in the journey to keeping my father’s Legacy, and the importance of our country and our people through songs and music. In closing, I would like to share one last thing about myself, which most of you already know. I’m not perfect !! nor will I ever be !! but as a Canadian and as a Human being, I try to look for the positives in people from the past, in the present and hopefully continuing into the Future.


Taw Connors